Sandro Tedde was born in Sassari (Sardinia), Italy, where he works as an architect, mainly in the field of the restoration of monuments. He also teaches Art History at the local Scientific High School. Non professional photographer with a wide experience in analogical photography, in recent years he devoted himself to digital image and has made photography a central element of his professional work. To this end, he utilizes and often merges various photographic approaches including architecture, portraiture, still life, performance, and personal narrative.


I think that the power of photography lies in its ability to draw together different artistic languages (Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Cinema, Literature, etc.), however, it maintains strong connection with the documentary root. In my opinion, this complex interrelationship constitutes the specific language of the medium and the basis for considering photography as art.

I try to practice photography on that basis, though not always in the same way.